Brutal Fox in Training 2 - Fox at his Brutal Best
Brutal Fox in Training 2 - Fox at his Brutal Best

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Date Added: 02/03/2008 by Matt Canning
Brutal Fox in Training 2 - Fox at his Brutal Best
115 minutes

As the blurb says,THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT! The only DVD on the market that shows training FOX style as it really is!
The DVD started off by explaining that Bertil's training techniques were not meant as a guide to training. This was the same type of warning which was at the beginning of the Bertil's Brutal #1 DVD. Next up a short biography of Bertil was shown which included his contest history and some more info about him.

The training started as follows:

Day 1 "Chest and Arms"

Dumbell Bench Press

Bertil started off using the 110 pound dumbbells for the flat bench for nine reps like it was nothing. He had no problem at all with this warm-up set and stopped well before failure. He then went on to perform nine reps with the 130 pounders with the same relative ease. Next he used the 150s for the same number of reps. His timing was better than it had been in the Bertil #1 DVD and his form was ok - not the greatest, but pretty good. He used the 180s next - doing nine reps in total, again with relative ease. He then used the same weight for 11 reps which again looked easy! The weights looked light for him just as they did for Ronnie Coleman in the DVDs "The Unbelievable" and “On the road”. Bertil is unquestionably one of the strongest pressers in the history of bodybuilding. Even Ronnie Coleman isn't that much stronger than him (if at all) when it comes to pressing movements (chest as well as delts).

Bertil moved on to barbell incline presses next starting off with 225 pounds which he did for 10 easy reps. He then did eight easy and full reps using 295 pounds. How many pros today can handle that weight so easily? Not many! He then did nine easy reps with 345 and with no assistance from his spotter except for a slight touch to rack the weight! Talk about power. Next up was 365 pounds for seven reps.

Bertil's superset included starting off with a total of 13 reps using the 55 pound dumbbells and eight reps using 100 pounds attached to his weight belt before moving on to the same superset using the 70s for 11 reps followed by another set of weighted dips using 10 reps and 125 pounds. He was questioned briefly about the benefit of this exercise and explained why he employs it. Next was 80 pounds for 11 reps and dips using 150 pounds strapped on his belt for 10 reps. He then did 14 reps using the 85s and 13 reps with 175 pounds strapped on for his dips. He was really showing his power in these later supersets. You might not realize his strength at the beginning of his sets, but once he gets into it and the poundage increases you realize just how strong Bertil was back then.

Bertil did cable crossovers next doing 11 reps with 95 pounds per side. You will note Bertil is not hung up on ever numbers for reps.

Triceps pushdowns were then performed using the long bar and a narrow grip. He started off with 95 pounds and 11 reps and then 150 pounds for nine reps and 14 reps using 190 pounds. He used a short range of movement and was questioned about that. Bertil explained it was his particular style and he felt it better that way. He did leaning triceps pushdowns next for 13 reps at 120 pounds and then seated triceps extensions also for 13 reps but using 70 pounds and then 12 reps using 85 pounds.

Bertil next did seated dumbbell curls for eight reps using 50 pounds and then nine reps using 70 pounds. Bertil's form was very unique curling up to behind his head for some reason - this was just a style that he liked and had always used, even in the Bertil #1 DVD. He then did 85 pound dumbbell curls for 10 reps. Bertil explained that working out was like sex and that you have to change positions sometimes lol. Bertil had a lot of funny things to say and a very cool, cutting sense of British humour.

Bertil finally did six reps of 70 pounds using the machine preacher curls, then nine reps using 80 pounds.
He was asked various questions about training and gave honest and detailed answers. He was an interesting character to listen to and had a great personality for the camera. After some questions were asked Bertil went back to the machine preacher curls using 90 pounds for 10 reps and 100 pounds for 10 reps.

Bertil did one arm pulley curls next with 100 pounds for 11 reps one arm at a time. I can see why some bodybuilders like this movement since they can see their biceps size and definition during each rep in the mirror and it also helps them to perfect the front double biceps pose. Bertil next did 11 reps using 150 pounds per single arm on the pulley curls using fierce and explosive and borderline dangerous (injury inducing) reps.

Bertil finished by doing a superset of concentration curls with triceps pushdowns. He used 55 pounds and nine reps followed by 120 pounds and 11 reps for triceps pushdowns. Bertil now took off his shirt and hit some poses including the following for his fans:
• Front Lat Spread
• Right Side Chest
• Left Biceps Pose
• Front Double Biceps
• Most Muscular
• Rear Lat Spread
• Rear Double Biceps
• Most Muscular Variation

Bertil sat down with his interviewer next and ordered a very large breakfast as follows:
• 12 Hard boiled eggs (no yolks)
• Bowl of oatmeal (done in water, no sugar)
• Three bananas
• Two baked potatoes
• Coffee

A lot of questions were put to Bertil and he was asked if he felt he could have been a successful powerlifter. I definitely feel that he could have been world class if he ever chose to compete.

Bertil then went for his second workout at World Gym.

Day 2 "Shoulders & Back plus Legs"

Bertil started off with barbell presses behind the neck. He did a total of nine reps using 205 pounds and 255 pounds also for nine reps. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and was looking huge. Not bad for a guy pushing 40. His next set was 295 pounds for nine reps. He did front presses next with 100 pounds for 11 reps followed by 150 pounds for nine reps and then 200 pounds also for nine. For his last set he did 250 pounds for nine reps. His next exercise was seated side laterals raises starting off using 55 pound dumbbells for 10 reps for his first two sets. For his next exercise he superset front presses with bent over lateral raises using 135 pounds for nine reps. He next did 185 pounds for eight reps. In between sets he was being interviewed on his technique and training preferences and followed this up with 185 pounds for 11 reps. Bertil then did bent over lateral raises using 55 pound dumbbells for 11 reps. His supersets were very intense.

Bertil then went to the cables to do single arm bent over lateral raises using 90 pounds for 12 reps and followed it up with 12 reps using 130 pounds.

Bertil started his back workout next keeping with the basics by doing bent over barbell rows using 225 pounds for eight reps and then eight reps with 345 for two sets. He then did t-bar rows with 185 pounds for 11 reps. Both of these exercises are very hard and basic and great for mass. For his next set he did 225 pounds for 10 reps and his last set 350 pounds for 11 reps. Shades of Ronnie Coleman!

Next up, Bertil met up with Joe Gold who founded Gold's gym. During the visit, a set of behind the neck pulldowns was shown with Bertil doing eight reps using 150 pounds. After Joe left, Bertil was shown doing a set with 200 pounds at seven reps and 250 pounds at 10 reps. His next exercise was seated pulley rows with 140 pounds and eight reps for his first set and 200 pounds for 10 reps for his second. After that set Bertil took off his shirt to do his next set which was 260 pounds for 12 reps. I have to question whether or not he had gone to failure in the previous two sets because he did less weight and for less reps. With Bertil, he was always as strong as a bull, yet seemed like he could have been stronger if he pushed himself a little harder at the gym. He seemed to have a little in reserve. This is sort of reminiscent of Ronnie, who is also as strong as can be but always looks like he can push himself just a little bit harder to get to complete failure.

Bertil superset chins with pullovers next. He did seven reps with 70 pounds strapped to him and then went on to perform pullovers using 105 pounds for seven reps. Next Bertil did chin-ups with 100 pounds strapped to him for nine reps. His back looked amazing. He then did pullovers using 120 pounds for nine reps.

Using a 10 pound plate for resistance, Bertil did 28 reps of hyperextensions. His back was looking crazy as always - very thick and muscular.

Bertil went on to train legs next, starting off with squats using 225 pounds for 10 reps for an easy set. Bertil said that squats are the best basic exercise for the legs. Bertil said that he goes to parallel on squats so that he builds his thighs and not his glutes. For his next set he did 295 pounds for 11 easy reps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a brief appearance in the DVD next but did not say anything this time (he did have a few words in the Bertil #1 DVD). Bertil spoke with him briefly, but no audio was recorded. Bertil then went on to perform another set of squats using 365 pounds for 10 reps and another set using 435 pounds for 10 reps. On his last set he did 505 pounds for 10 reps - very impressive!

Bertil did leg presses next starting off with 360 pounds for 12 easy reps. Bertil did 10 reps with 550 pounds next for a more intense set.

Keeping with the basics once again, hack squats were the exercise of choice next for Bertil. He did 10 reps with 400 pounds of weight. Bertil then did leg extensions starting off with a warm-up of 80 pounds for 16 reps and then 115 pounds for 13 reps.

Hamstrings were up next and Bertil did 80 pounds for 11 reps on the lying leg curl machine. He did 10 reps with 100 pounds before moving on to standing leg curls. He started with 75 pounds for 11 reps and 85 pounds for 10 reps.

Calves were next in line for punishment in the training department starting with seated calf raises for 19 reps using 105 pounds and then 17 reps with the same weight. Bertil said that all in all he trains calves about four times per week. He had amazing calves (huge), something which is rare among black bodybuilders.
Bertil did standing calf raises next with 520 pounds for 16 reps. Then it was 540 pounds for 11 reps with high intensity.

Abdominals were trained next and Bertil took off his shirt during this segment. He started off with 34 situps. He did 15 reps of leg raises next and then went on to do deadlifts, doing 11 reps with 420 pounds.

Some brief contest footage was shown as well as some pictures of Bertil with friends. He was looking huge in those pictures and it was obvious that he was almost “larger than life”.

Overall Review:

While this DVD was filmed in 1990 and Bertil was not at his strongest as he was in the Bertil #1 DVD filmed around 1983, all in all this was still a very impressive DVD. Bertil's strength was still incredible as was his physique. The camera quality was also better than in the first DVD. Frankly they are both damn good and very impressive productions. I would recommend both as well as the GMV Bertil Fox Seminar and his very first video shot with Wayne in London early 70s. Say what you will about Bertil the person, but Bertil the bodybuilder was one of the greatest in history and in my opinion, definitely an uncrowned Mr. Olympia. In 1978 he defeated the great Serge Nubret in the NABBA Pro Universe. In 1975 Nubret was runner up to Arnold in the Mr Olympia. That puts Bertil into his true perspective.